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Rickenbacker International passengers

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Parking is available directly in front of the Rickenbacker Passenger Terminal, where Allegiant flights take off and land.

$4 first hour

$1 each additional hour

$12 per 24-hour period


Getting to Rickenbacker International

Allegiant passengers enjoy the ease of getting to the Rickenbacker Passenger Terminal to catch their flight. Located within minutes of downtown Columbus, the terminal is readily accessible from the I-270 outerbelt.

2241 John Circle Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43217

Ground transportation

An aerial view of a parking lot with cars parked in it at Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

Cell phone waiting lot

Those waiting to pick up arriving passengers can park for free in the Cell phone waiting lot, adjacent to the terminal. This also helps us keep the curbside free and clear, enabling traffic to flow for an efficient pick-up experience.

A taxi parked in front of John Glenn International CMH, under the supervision of Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

Taxis and rideshares​

Taxis and rideshares pick up passengers at the curbside of the passenger terminal. Check local listings to make taxi arrangements.

The white chevrolet camaro is driving down the road near John Glenn International Airport.

Rental car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is available for passengers traveling in and out of the terminal. To make a reservation, call the reservation line at 614.836.2500. This will result in the most up-to-date information on rental services for the airport.

Please note: rental cars are not available on-property upon arrival without a reservation.

Terminal map

Explore the gates and amenities of the Rickenbacker Passenger Terminal.

Have you left something behind in the terminal? Visit our Lost & Found page.    

Power up before you go

Aviation Café: Aviation Café is available for snacks and drinks while you wait for your flight. The café opens two hours prior to scheduled flight departures.

VendMobility: Never be without your favorite gadget. The VendMobility vending machine connects you with cellphone and computer accessories, headphones, earbuds, travel adapters, chargers, and more.

Pharmacy: The pharmacy vending machine offers a range of products from pain relievers, antacids, eye drops, toothpaste and toothbrushes, face masks, hand sanitizers, and more.

Free WiFi: WiFi is available inside the Rickenbacker Passenger Terminal for free.

Chargers: Charge your devices before you take off! Chargers are available on terminal seats.

Aviation Cafe at LCK

Accommodations while traveling

On-airport parking is available 24 hours a day and includes ADA designated spaces in all airport parking areas. Vehicles properly displaying a valid handicap permit may use these spaces.

Those who need wheelchair assistance can arrange it directly with their airline. We strongly recommend making requests in advance to ensure availability and timely service. On the day of travel, wheelchairs can be requested at the airline ticket counter or curbside (if available).

Allegiant Airlines:


TSA Cares provides assistance to travelers with disabilities, medical conditions, and other special circumstances. Questions about screening policies, procedures, and what to expect at the security checkpoint can be directed to TSA Cares 72 hours prior to travel. Passengers can also contact TSA Cares for additional assistance during screening.

TSA Cares:
[email protected]

The Journey Care Kit provides resources for travelers with visible and hidden disabilities. Kits include sunflower-themed wristbands and lanyards that indicate to airport staff that someone might need additional assistance.

Contact [email protected] to have a kit sent to you.

Our airport offers private nursing rooms. Nursing parents can feed their babies and manage personal needs in comfort and privacy in these nursing rooms.

Aira helps blind and low-vision travelers navigate our airport facilities better. Using geofencing technology, a smartphone app, and/or smart glasses, Aira connects visually-impaired travelers with a trained, remotely-located agent who can guide them. Rickenbacker International is among more than 30 U.S. airports offering this service. To access, you can download the app for Android or Apple devices.