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Picking up & dropping off

Effortless arrivals and swift departures

The curbside pick-up and drop-off areas make it easy for you to get where you’re going. These convenient areas ensure hassle-free transitions, whether you’re saying goodbye or reuniting with loved ones.

For those waiting for loved ones, we recommend using our free Cell Phone Waiting Lot, where you can park until you can time your curbside pickup perfectly.

Meeting someone in the terminal?

Park in our parking garage and come right in! You’re welcome to greet your family and friends outside of the security checkpoint for each concourse, or down in baggage claim. There’s also a food court next to the Concourse B checkpoint where you can grab a cup of coffee or quick bite to eat while you wait.

Curbside parking not permitted

Parking is not permitted at the curbside (cars are subject to tickets and/or tow), and vehicle owners must remain with their vehicles at all times. A ticket will be issued if this rule is violated. Consider using the free Cell Phone Waiting Lot when you pick up, or park in an airport parking lot if you plan to go inside with the passenger during drop off.