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Art & music

Our captivating Art and Music programs introduce you to a world where travel and creativity meet. Experience a wide array of artistic expressions as you navigate through the terminal and let the synergy of art and music transform your airport experience, whether you’re departing, arriving, or just passing through.

Gateway to the Arts

New works of local artists rotate every two months in this exhibit space, a collaboration with the Ohio Art League.

Legacy of Leadership lounges

Tour the walking timeline of John Glenn International from its opening in 1929 to present day.

Brushstrokes in Flight

In 1984, John Glenn International installed this striking sculpture measuring 25 feet high with a five-foot base. It was designed by the late Roy Lichtenstein, an Ohio State alumnus and an influential artist of the 20th century.

Veterans Monument

In the sky-lit atrium near the escalator, this 13-foot memorial honors veterans. The monument features an inscribed poem by George L. Skypeck and a bronze eagle that perches on four military helmets on a granite base.

ColumbUS Mosaic

Columbus’ rich culture is captured in the atrium’s colorful window mosaic, a great photo backdrop to say, “I’m here!”

Speed Machines

Inside the atrium, you will find Speed Machines, a wall-mounted exhibit depicting flight speed. Originally created by Roger Williams, this display illustrates the joy and simplicity of flying.

Terrazzo Medallion

Columbus Regional Airport Authority’s vision to connect Ohio with the world is represented by a large medallion in the middle of the terrazzo floor in the ticket lobby.

934 at CMH

Immerse yourself in artwork in a travel-sized gallery that showcases the work of local artists in collaboration with 934 Gallery.

Notable Ohio Aviators

Pre-security near the Concourse B checkpoint, six pylons honor Ohio’s most renowned aviators, including our namesake, John Glenn.

Melodies in Motion

We transform the travel experience into an auditory journey through our live music program in coordination with Greater Columbus Arts Council. All year long, talented musicians from various genres fill the air with melodies that soothe, uplift, and entertain. Whether you’re waiting for your departure or eagerly anticipating a reunion, the live music sets a harmonious background to your airport experience.

A man playing a piano in front of John Glenn International.

Tuskegee Airmen mural

To celebrate the legacy and contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen, who called Rickenbacker home from 1946-49, a mural painted by local artist Adam Hernandez is on display below the air traffic control tower at Rickenbacker International Airport.

The Tuskegee Airmen’s story is one of bravery, resilience, and the pursuit of equality.  This mural serves as a permanent reminder of their achievements and an inspiration to future generations.

A vibrant mural depicting the Tuskegee Airmen with various military aircraft and personnel, located at Rickenbacker International Airport.