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Multiple parking lots, garages and even a valet give you plenty of options for parking — whether for a long time, a short trip, or a quick meet and greet. And with shuttles offering 24-hour service to and from the terminal, you're never more than a few minutes away. We accept the following credit and debit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. If you’ve lost or misplaced your ticket and later find it, please complete this form: Request for Refund of Lost Ticket Fee. If you need a receipt for parking at one of our parking facilities, click here

Car parked at CMH during COVID-19 outbreak

We realize many students flew out of CMH for spring break and parked their vehicles at the airport, only for some to find out their in-person classes were canceled for the remainder of the semester. If you're in this situation and unable to fly back to Ohio as planned, please do the following when you fly back to CMH: 

  • Go to the far left lane at the exit of the lot
  • Present a copy of your flight itinerary and a copy of the school notice preventing your return to campus
  • A customer service specialist will collect your ticket information, documents and apply the appropriate parking fee based on the original travel itinerary

Parking Comparison Chart for John Glenn International

Flying Allegiant from Rickenbacker? See Rickenbacker Parking Information.


Blue long-term shuttle lot

The Blue Lot is currenty closed.

  • $9 per 24-hour period, uncovered
  • $10 per 24-hour period, covered


Red long-term shuttle lot

  • $7 per 24-hour period


Green long-term shuttle lot

The Green Lot is currenty closed.

  • $5 per 24-hour period


Short-term garage

  • $5 for the first hour
  • $3 each additional hour until the daily max
  • $30 per 24-hour period


Long-term garage

  • $5 for the first hour
  • $3 each additional hour until the daily max
  • $20 per 24-hour period


Walking Lot

  • $5 for the first hour
  • $3 each additional hour until the daily max
  • $13 per 24-hour period 



Valet parking is currently closed. 

  • $10 for the first hour
  • $2 for each additional hour
  • $24 per 24-hour period

Cell phone waiting lot

  • Complimentary


Bicycle Parking

  • Complimentary


Motorcycle parking

At this time, we're unable to accommodate motorcycle parking.

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