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Have a question about your trip? The airlines are a great source for answers. Find contact information for your airline below.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some flights are canceled. Please check with your airline regarding any updates or reservation changes. 

Air Canada (AC)

Reservations: 888-247-2262

Baggage service: 888-689-2247

Air cargo & small package services: 800-387-4865

Due to the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, our CMH station has temporarily closed.

Alaska (AS)

Reservations: 800-252-7522

Baggage service: 877-815-8253

Air cargo & small package services: 800-225-2752

American (AA)

Reservations: 800-433-7300

Baggage service: 800-535-5225

Air cargo & small package services: 800-227-4622

Delta (DL)

Reservations: 800-221-1212

Baggage service: 800-325-8224

Air cargo and small package services: 800-352-2746

Frontier (F9)

Reservations: 801-401-9000

Baggage service: 303-390-9067 or

Southwest (WN)

Reservations: 800-435-9792

Baggage service: 614-338-6700

Air cargo and small package services: 614-338-6740

Spirit (NK)

Reservations: 855-728-3555

Baggage service: or 678-973-2402

Lost and Found:

United (UA)

Reservations: 800-864-8331

Baggage service: 800-335-2247

Air cargo & small package services: 800-822-2746

Vacation Express (Tour Operator)

Reservations: 800-309-4717

Baggage service (Aviation Advantage): 770-916-0303

Allegiant - operates from Rickenbacker International Airport (G4)

Reservations: 702-505-8888

Baggage service: 866-719-3910