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Navigating the travel experience with Journey Care Kits

John Glenn International Airport Sunflower Journey Care Kit Graphic for Hidden Disabilities

Flying can be a source of anxiety for some, including those with disabilities. The Journey Care Kit program at CMH helps alleviate some of those stressors.

The kits include sunflower-themed lanyards and wristbands, providing a discreet sign to airport staff that someone might like additional assistance or time when moving through the airport. This can be especially helpful with identifying and assisting travelers with hidden disabilities such as autism, chronic pain, dementia, anxiety or hearing impairment.

The Journey Care Kits also contain:

  • Travel preparations checklist and helpful hints
  • John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) bag tag
  • Information on TSA Cares, a program that allows a traveler to pre-arrange to have a TSA officer assigned to assist them through the checkpoint screening process
  • CMH social story to help children with development disabilities, such as autism, prepare for the sights and sounds of travel

    To request a Journey Care Kit, email [email protected] 60 days before your schedule flight.

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