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FTZ 138

FTZs: Driving Economic Success Seminar

Find out how FTZ 138 can benefit your company. Join our seminar on October 19! Registration opens September 21.

Grow your business with FTZ 138

FTZ 138 helps businesses inside the zone’s 25-county, Central Ohio service area lower costs and boost profits by deferring, reducing, and eliminating customs duties. Over $10.9 billion of goods moved through FTZ 138 in 2018.

Administered by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA), FTZ 138 is based in Columbus, Ohio, at Rickenbacker International Airport — a high-speed international logistics hub with unparalleled reach to 47% of the U.S. population and 33% of Canada’s within in a one-day truck drive.

FTZ 138 ranks high in the industry

  • Rated as one of the top zones in the country for warehousing and distribution for the last 10 years.
  • Ranked 12th out of 193 active zones for warehousing and distribution in 2021.
  • Provides FTZ benefits to 20 companies at 22 active sites.
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A logistics giant

Columbus is a strategic location for the movement of goods as it integrates new innovations and an existing ultramodern infrastructure. But the solution goes beyond railways, highways, and technology.

  • Columbus is one of the most dynamic and diverse metropolitan regions in the country.
  • The Columbus Region is centrally located between Chicago and New York, offering the greatest market access of any major metropolis.
  • Among the world’s only cargo-focused airports, Rickenbacker International Airport provides access to global markets.
  • FedEx Air, FedEx Ground, UPS, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions have operations in the Columbus Region.
  • In terms of population growth, job growth, and GDP growth, Columbus is rated No. 1 among the Midwest’s 10 largest metros.
  • The Columbus Region is home to 16 Fortune 1000 companies and 5 Fortune 500 companies.

Business is better in the zone

Businesses that use FTZ 138 save money on customs duties and other fees while moving billions of dollars
in merchandise through the zone. Let us show you the way.

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Burton Snowboards used FTZ 138 to reduce the scope and risk of its duty drawback program, while deferring duty and reducing merchandise processing fees.

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When International Converter became activated in the zone, the elimination of customs duties and efficiency gains were big wins. FTZ 138 helped keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

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CEVA uses FTZ 138 to increase its offerings to customers and differentiate itself from the competition. 


Don’t pay your duties at your port of entry. Pay when the product leaves your site.


Potentially reduce duty liability in a manufacturing setting.


Avoid “duty drawback.” Eliminate duties on goods you re-export or scrap.

Looking for more information?

Use these resources to help land your company in Foreign-Trade Zone 138.

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