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About CRAA

Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Our world is in motion every minute of the day and the skilled, dedicated team at Columbus Regional Airport Authority never stops as we facilitate passenger and cargo flow. Each day, we work to create exceptional travel experiences for passengers, strategic opportunities for businesses, and economic growth for Central Ohio.

Established through the Ohio Revised Code, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority is an independent government entity. Our Board of Directors guides us to be a collaborative, responsive, and trustworthy community partner.

A man is laying down a runway at John Glenn International Airport.

Airports and business segments

Our airports and business segments serve a strategic purpose to benefit the Columbus Region business partners who depend on our successful operation and development.

John Glenn International logo

John Glenn International (CMH) plays a vital role in passenger air service in the Columbus Region and provides access to 53 nonstop destinations with 11 airlines.

Rickenbacker International Airport logo

Rickenbacker International (LCK) is a cargo-focused airport positioned to move cargo with speed and service. LCK also provides general aviation services through Rickenbacker Aviation, and passengers have access to several vacation destinations through Allegiant Airlines from Rickenbacker.

The logo for Bolton Field, a part of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

Bolton Field (TZR) is a general aviation airport dedicated to corporate and recreational aviation activities.

Zone 138 - foreign trade.
Foreign-Trade Zone 138 is a 25-county service area in Central Ohio where goods can legally be brought in without formal customs entry.

Our Vision

Connecting Ohio with the world.

Our Mission

Develop and operate our aviation system assets in a manner that provides passengers, businesses, and the community the highest level of service, safety, satisfaction, and economic benefit.

Our Strategic

Transform the culture

  • Foster empowerment
  • Improve and streamline business performance
  • Drive to excellent results

Delight customers

  • Increase air service
  • Clean, working, and friendly
  • Create moments of delight

Plan for the future

  • Attract and retain a talented and nimble team
  • Prepare for midfield program development
  • Position Rickenbacker as a new global gateway

Be a trusted community partner

  • Champion diversity and inclusion
  • Strengthen community and stakeholder relationships
  • Facilitate smart economic development