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Fly away & hit play: Music & tips for your Spring Break escape

A little girl wearing swimming goggles on her head and a multi-color inner tube around her waist stands by an airport window, smiling off-camera. A white airplane sits at a gate behind her.

Ditch the textbooks and trade them for boarding passes! Whether you crave an adrenaline rush, cultural immersion, or simply some beachside R&R, we’re ready to be your getaway to the perfect spring break escape.

Need to get into the spirit as you read through this blog? Check out our curated Spotify playlist to get you ready to travel this spring.

If you have song recommendations, let us know on social media and we’ll add them.

Adventure awaits

Thrill seekers: Embark on a journey to entertainment, theme parks, and so much more.

  • Las Vegas, NV — The Super Bowl might be over, but the strip is still alive and ready to welcome you! Nonstops offered through Southwest and Spirit. 
  • Orlando, FL — No surprise this city makes the list with their theme parks. Nonstops offered through Southwest, Spirit, and Frontier.
Culture enthusiasts: Immerse yourself in rich history and vibrant traditions. 
  • Tampa, FL — Experience the rich Cuban, Spanish, and Latin influences in Tampa, especially in Ybor City. Nonstops offered through Southwest, Spirit, and Breeze (returning in April).
  • Charleston, SC — Visit the International African American Museum, any of their 30+ art galleries, or the French Quarter. Nonstops offered through Breeze and Allegiant (out of LCK, returning in June). 

Beach bums: Unwind on pristine shores, soak up the sun, build sandcastles, and let the waves lull you into relaxation.

  • Miami, FL — Known for its Hispanic, Caribbean, and Haitian influences, there’s plenty to get into at night while also lounging on the beach during the day. Nonstops offered through American.
  • Cancun, Mexico — Looking for an international escape? Book your resort getaway. Nonstops offered through Southwest and American.

These are just a few of the 53 nonstop destinations offered from our airports. Check out the full list and interactive map on our flights webpage.

Let the planning begin

  • Before your flight: Are you a checklist kind of person? We’ve got you covered! We have a list of helpful tips to ease your way through the airport. Use this to help you pack for your trip and be prepared for your arrival at the airport.
  • Make a parking plan: All of our parking options are available for you –  learn more about right here on our website. From short-term to long-term options, you choose which option fits your needs best!
  • Become familiar with the curbside: If someone is dropping you off or picking you up after your trip, be sure they’re familiar with where to go. Send them this link to our picking up & dropping off webpage.
  • Navigating security: Visit our security webpage to see the average security wait times for the day (please note: this is an average and not representative of actual wait times, but can help you plan).

And don’t forget to:

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Have a great Spring Break!

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