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Catching flights and feelings: Printable Valentine cards for your jetsetter heart

Illustration of a woman dressed in red and pink and wearing a red ballcap sitting in an airport chair waiting for her flight. Hearts are on the windows behind her, as a small airplane takes flight.

Love is in the air, and what better way to express your affection than with a touch of wanderlust? We believe in spreading love and joy, not just at the departure gates but beyond. To make your Valentine’s Day extra special, we’ve curated a collection of charming, aviation-themed printable cards for you to share with your loved ones.

Check out each design and who we suggest sending them to. Then, at the end of this blog post, access the printable PDF versions to share.

Love is in the air

A Valentine's Day card showing clouds and hearts in the sky out of an airplane window. Text reads, "love is in the air."

Love is the air this month – but of course how can it not be when you’re actually in the air? This card is perfect for expressing your love to a travel companion or significant other.

Love at first flight

A Valentine's Day card with a paper airplane flying across the card, with a dotted line in the shape of a heart behind it. Text reads, "Love at first flight."

This design captures the whimsical magic of a first encounter, with excitement much like a paper airplane in flight. Ideal for those celebrating the spark of new love.

I'm just plane wild about you

A Valentine's Day card with an airplane flying through a red and pink heart. Text reads, "Valentine, I'm just plane wild about you!"

For a playful expression of affection, this card is great for conveying lighthearted love to friends or a special someone who brings joy to your journey.

And for the friend in your life...

A Valentine's Day card with an airplane flying through the middle with hearts from from the tail. Text reads, "Our friendship is like a smooth landing - always awesome!"

For those wingmen and wingwomen that are as dependable as a trusty aircraft, this card makes sure your friends know how much you appreciate their tried, true, and smooth friendship!

Download and print the cards

Whether you’re jetting off on a romantic adventure or waiting for your departure, our aviation-themed expressions of love are designed to make your journey extra special. Download, print, and share the love, because at CMH, every takeoff is an opportunity to celebrate love soaring through the skies!

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