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CMH food review: Concourse B good meals and sweet treats

Auntie Annes, cup of pretzel bites in the John Glenn International Airport terminal

Last week, two of our marketing & communications staff members decided they’d start eating their way through the airport,  providing a food review for our passengers (solely for research purposes, you know?). This time around, Lindsay (communications specialist) and Kati (digital media specialist) made a stop at Land-Grant Brewing Co. for lunch with Auntie Anne’s for dessert (fun fact: Auntie Anne’s officially opened again last month!). Check out their suggestions below. And, be sure to let us know if you try their picks! Tag us on social media and share your thoughts.

First stop: Land-Grant Brewing, Co.

Land Grant’s chopped chicken salad hit the spot. It’s perfect for when you don’t want to carb-load pre-flight but still have enough yummy things (CHEESE!) to remember it’s vacation time and enough protein to get you to your destination. The classic combination of grilled chicken breast, cucumbers , tomatoes, bleu cheese, bacon, onion, hard-boiled egg, balsamic vinaigrette, and, oh yeah, lettuce was a great send-off. The dressing came on the side – an appropriate nod to the realization that everyone likes their salad dressed differently. The service was pleasant and attentive; I was never without a full beverage. And the college-like ambiance was friendly, cozy, and fun.

I was a bit confused when it came out as pulled chicken rather than a chicken breast, as I had thought, but it was still delicious! The brioche bun was the perfect amount of soft but crispy on the edges (thanks to the butter and a light frying on the grill). The chicken was SO good and had the perfect amount of bbq. You know how sometimes there’s TOO much and it gets everywhere, and other times there’s NOT ENOUGH and your mouth is left feeling real dry? Not this time! Plus the cheese had melted into the meat and it was *chefs kiss*. I’m usually a fry lover when it comes to my sandwich sides, but the chips weren’t too bad. Definitely a good, hearty meal to hold you over if you have a longer flight and those plane snacks don’t quite cut it.

Next up: dessert at Auntie Anne's

Warm, salty, buttery, soft deliciousness. Auntie Anne’s pretzel nuggets never disappoint. Try dipping them in marinara. Always appropriate, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in-between, Auntie Anne’s travels well, easily enjoyed while you wait to board your plane, or once you get in your seat en route to your travels.

Kati opted for a sweeter twist with the cinnamon sugar bites:

Who can go wrong with cinnamon sugar pretzel bites?! The warm cinnamon on a buttered pretzel, dipped in the icing … my mouth is watering just remembering how delicious it was. Hot and fresh — they were the best way to finish out the lunch hour. A bit messy, but that’s the charm of the cinnamon sugar pretzels! 

Where should they go next?!

Lindsay and Kati are making their rounds through the airport — want to request a review? Let them know where they should go next.

Chopped chicken salad at Land Grant Brew
chopped chicken salad
CMH food from Land Grand Brew Co. bbq chicken sandwich
bbq chicken sandwich
Pretzel bites from Auntie Annes
Auntie Anne's at CMH

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