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On the job with… Kati Hartwig, Digital Media Specialist

Day in the life, portrait of Kati Hartwig, CRAA employee smiling on the runway at CMH

My day starts almost immediately after opening my eyes. The first thing I do (like any millennial) is grab my phone and check social media before my feet even hit the ground. Did we get any pressing messages overnight? Did any passengers tweet that they had issues navigating the airport when they landed at 1 a.m.? How many likes is our latest photo up to on Instagram? All of this swiping and scrolling is happening while brushing my teeth, doing my hair and making my breakfast. Then, it’s off to the airport I go.

My day onsite begins around 9 a.m. (give or take a few minutes if the Starbucks drive thru is long). Immediately, I check emails and open Sprout Social, a social listening tool that allows me to see any messages that mention our airports. The responses I formulated in my head earlier in the morning are now being typed back to passengers in a thoughtful way, making sure they know they were seen and heard.

The days vary. I might spend the entire day working on social media content and making sure we’re communicating with the public. Some days, I’m working on the backend of the website updating content and making our pages easier to navigate. Other days, I’m riding along with Airport Ops to get photos and video out on the airfield or around the terminal to share with our fans online. No two days ever look the same and that’s what I love the most.

The day ends between 5:30 and 6 p.m. I head home, make some dinner, watch re-runs of NCIS on Netflix (for the 50th time), and end the day with one final check of our online assets. Before I close my eyes, I’m typically scrolling through TikTok or making notes in my phone about ways we can capitalize on digital trends in the future. It’s a lot of screen time, but I am truly thankful for blue light glasses.

“On the job with…” is a new series highlighting what a day in the life looks like for our employees. To learn more about what Kati does in action, check out the various ways to stay connected with us through digital channels. To see available jobs and to apply, visit

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