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On the job with… Cody Quillia, Supervisor, Fixed Base Operations

Portrait of Cody Quillia - CRAA employee sitting inside aircraft cockpit wearing a safety vest

A day in my life starts with waking up at 10 a.m. and checking emails. I realize there are several delayed flights inbound to the handling teams so I get ready and head in early to work. Once I make the short 10-minute trip, I check with the FBO Coordinator to get debriefed on overnight/morning cargo ops, passenger ops and FBO fueling ops. I also review staff call-offs, flight schedules, take another quick glance at emails and then plan for the rest of the day.

Thirty minutes later, I head down to cargo ramp 3 to assist a short-staffed flight by offloading boxes and operating our cargo loader to help get the turn back on track. I then break off the cargo operation and make my way over to the Allegiant flight to conduct some training with our new hires, getting them up to speed for our peak season just around the corner. Once back in the office, I review and respond to emails including negotiating with an airline adding a flight to the schedule to ensure we can handle it and provide a high level of service. I also meet with the staffing agency onsite representative to convey any staffing concerns and get status updates on crew recruits going through the badging process. I check in with the team before heading home for the day around 10 p.m.

Once home, I say hello to my dogs before getting a call that we are short staffed for the last flight of the day, so I rush back into work and help the team throw another 1,000 boxes before heading home again to get some much-needed sleep.

“On the job with…” is a new series highlighting what a day in the life looks like for our employees. To learn more about Cody and our Fixed Base Operations (FBO) at Rickenbacker International Airport, visit To see available jobs and to apply, visit

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