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These are a few of our favorite things…

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As 2022 comes to an end, our Communications and Public Affairs team shared on some of our favorite moments from this year:

Paw Force One
These are a few of our favorite things… 8

“Working with our customer experience team to create Paw Force One trading cards was the cutest first project that anyone could ask for! Though I’ve only been at [Columbus Regional Airport Authority] (CRAA) for 2 months, it already resonates with me how important delighting passengers is for us.” – Alyssa, Graphic Designer

Tip: Collect them all! Our Paw Force One team members now have trading cards (and they are as cute as you could image they’d be).

These are a few of our favorite things… 9

“At CRAA we are working nonstop to bring new opportunities to Central Ohio. CRAA’s mission – connecting Ohio with the world – is clearly executed with each new air service announcement. From San Francisco, Austin, Orange County, Raleigh-Durham… and Sun Country Airlines… our community’s connections and opportunities get stronger with each new route (and airline)!” – Kristen, Communications & Public Affairs Director

ICYMI: Columbus airports now offer 50 (FIFTY!) nonstop destinations. Discover them all and make your 2023 travel dreams come true.

operation fly formula
These are a few of our favorite things… 10

 “Getting to witness and cover Operation Fly Formula was an incredible experience. Seeing the impact we have at Rickenbacker International, to be able to get something as critical as the baby formula offloaded and onto trucks to be distributed in no time, makes me extremely proud of our people.” – Kati, Digital Media Specialist

Fun fact: Columbus was one of only of a few cities in the US to be chosen as a site for critical baby formula shipments during the shortage earlier this year. We were chosen because of our proximity — a one day’s truck drive to nearly half of the United States population.

Holiday Tree at CMH
These are a few of our favorite things… 11

“I love seeing the holiday tree in the terminal and hearing the performances from various nearby schools. Also, I was super excited when Auntie Anne’s opened back up because their pretzels are my favorite (with a side of marinara).” – Lindsay, Communications Specialist

Pro tip: If you’re traveling this holiday season, check out a list of our holiday performances on our website, or visit our holiday travel guide for all the tips and tricks for easy travel this season.

Art Gallery at CMH
These are a few of our favorite things… 12

“We’ve had some amazing artists featured across our terminal this year. From our 934 Gallery space to the Gateway to the Arts Gallery, we’ve had educational and colorful pieces that tell unique and inspiring stories. We’ve also partnered with the Greater Columbus Arts Council to host more than 130 performances by local musicians to highlight the diverse talent in our community” – Angie, Customer Experience Manager

Get your art fix in: this year, Columbus artists showcased a variety of topics – including human trafficking awareness, new American women living in Columbus, and remembering the vibrancy of life itself.

Vohnt Car Care While You Travel – How It Works- from Champion City Media on Vimeo.

“We’re constantly working to elevate the travel experience. My favorite new service introduced this year is Vohnt Car Care, which allows travelers to have their vehicle detailed and serviced while away. I tested it during a recent trip (for research purposes of course) and it was the best feeling coming back to that new car smell. Highly recommend, treat yourself!” – Sarah, Communications & Marketing Manager

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3: seriously! Book online, park in the designated area and drop your keys, and enjoy your trip!

Paw Force One
These are a few of our favorite things… 13

“Our Paw Force One (pet therapy) Program has brought so many smiles to our passengers, employees, and the public. Recently, three teams visited our Finance and IT divisions. It’s always great to see the dogs going through the airport terminal with their tails wagging, best holiday attire, and looking for that next belly rub.” – Donna, Customer Experience Program Specailist

Keep up with the Paw Force One dogs: by following (some of) them on Instagram. Head to our page, then click on the “Paw Force One” highlight to see which dogs are on social media. Fun fact – they usually post when they’ll be at the airport so you can say hi!

Runway 5k at John Glenn International
These are a few of our favorite things… 14

“One more favorite moment from this year — the return of the John Glenn International Runway 5K. It was a pleasure to serve on the planning committee with other members of our Columbus Regional Airport Authority team (shoutout Chris, Betsy, Jeremy, Missy, LeighAnn, Kevin, Tim, Kim, Jacey, Christine, Helena, and Kristen). We raised well over $80,000 for Honor Flight Columbus and had an absolutely beautiful morning with all the participants and spectators. Thank you everyone!” – Kati, Digital Media Specialist

Get a head start: the 5K will return once again in 2023! Lace up those running or walking shoes and get ready to head out on the runway – stay updated through our race website for more information, or sign up for our e-newsletter to be in-the-know when registration opens.


Thanks for being part of our year! We look forward to sharing more amazing memories and exciting adventures with you in 2023 and beyond.

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