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Ready for the 2024 Columbus Air Show?

A large group of people standing outside, around a large military airplane at the Columbus Air Show.

Air shows are exciting and, as with most outings, being prepared is key to fully enjoying the experience. With 2023’s air show under our belts, we have these tips and tricks to share:

Do you hear what I hear?
These planes can be really, really loud – adding to the excitement and drama. But be sure to bring earplugs or headphones for the really intense moments.

Here comes the sun.
There aren’t many places to escape the sun when you’re outside of an airport near a runway. Protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen (and bring it with you to reapply throughout the day) and wear a hat for extra defense against the blazing daytime sun. You’ll be looking up at the sky a lot and will want to protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Have you seen the rain?
Small handheld umbrellas save the day in case of unexpected rain, but large golf-style or beach umbrellas will not be allowed.

These boots were made for walking.
The airfield and parking lots are big spaces – comfy shoes will help you get around and see all there is to see.

Take a seat.
Seating is limited so bring a folding chair or blanket for when you find that perfect viewing spot or are ready to enjoy a delicious air show snack.

Speaking of food…
The many and varied concession vendors accept cash and credit cards. And remember to bring your refillable water bottle – there’s a refill station behind KC-135. No food, drink, or coolers are allowed into the event (unless it’s baby food or medically necessary).

For the little ones:
Strollers, wagons, and baby food are permitted.

Capture the moment.
Photo taking is encouraged! Cameras are OK, drones are not. Tag us on social: @columbusairport, @columbusairshow, and/or use #FlyColumbus – we’d love to see your pics!

Where do I put my stuff?
Can’t hold all of this? No worries – backpacks are permitted (they will be searched upon entry though).

Know before you go:
Visit the Columbus Air Show website for a full list of what to bring and not bring.

Movie night!
Get in the air show mood with these awesome airplane movies:

  • Top Gun
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Air Force One
  • Memphis Belle
  • Independence Day

Ready to grab your tickets? Remember, tickets are required for both admission and onsite parking.

Enjoy some images from the 2023 Columbus Air Show!

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