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On the job with … Susan Salisbury, Program Manager, Property Management

Susan Salisbury portrait, CRAA employee day in the life.

Its 5:30 a.m. and I wake to the muffled snores of 180 pounds of Saint Bernard.  I select the day’s pair of shoes and plan an outfit around them, although currently working from home it’s usually a pair of flip flops or no shoes at all.  I wander downstairs to feed the boys, first Mike then the goofball twins Moose and Squirrel.  In the dining room (currently my office) with my tea, I check my calendar and begin sifting through the morning’s emails.  Responding to tenants, internal asks and following up with contractors regarding preventative maintenance and needed repairs fills my morning.  Our broker calls to discuss a pending lease proposal.  I then gather quotes for requested tenant Improvements, calculate rent returns and update a document with an exhibit GIS has helped create.  There are always POs to generate, share and receive.  All of this is done under the watchful eye of Moose who is known to make an appearance on Zoom calls.

I grab a quick lunch of cheese, nuts and fruit then head to CMH to meet a new T-hangar tenant to execute their lease, sponsor their badge application, create a GA Tenant Information form, and submit a key request.  Then I drive to LCK to escort a contractor through one of our buildings.

Somewhere in there I receive conceptual furniture plans for the K-9 office, a text about T-hangar vacancy and an email about a pending capital project.  Driving back north I’m on the phone with CRAA’s attorney to discuss the sale of a building and the associated lease assignment.  Then I return calls regarding illegal use of our property and tenant signage.

Back home, the boys let me know I’ve been gone far too long; it’s time for treats and going outside.  Once they are sufficiently spoiled settled, I’m back at my computer updating various reports, our database and uploading documents to SharePoint.  My workday ends when Mike gets home around 5 p.m. If the weather is nice, we take a walk to discuss the day and decide on dinner.  The day ends with Squirrel sitting on my lap, Moose snuggled next to me snoring softly and some sort of smart BBC program on the TV.

Its busy but it’s good…

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