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New empowers passengers to travel smart from booking to boarding

Screenshot of the homepage for It has a flight status search bar over top of a photo of a man carrying a guitar while riding an escalator.

If you’ve been on our website recently (hello, there!), you may have noticed it looks a little different than it did a month ago.

On January 25, we unveiled a new and improved experience for visitors to, the primary source of information for those traveling out of Columbus. We partnered with Aviatrix Communications, a website development firm that works exclusively with airports and aviation clients, to create the new site.

Here are some key features that are brand new – and super helpful when planning your travel:

AI chatbot

A new chatbot is available in the bottom right corner of the website to answer questions and connect users with information. The chatbot is very much still in its “takeoff” phase, so be patient with it while it scans our website content to provide you with the best answer to your request.

Example of how the AI chatbot works by asking it how much parking is. The chatbot returns a response that outlines all of the parking prices.
AI chatbot in action.

Interactive terminal map

A new and improved terminal map is now available. You can now search directly on the map to find something specific, or you can click around and find what’s available in your concourse.

downloadable version of the map is also available for users who prefer to see a more static version of the terminal.

The interactive terminal map for John Glenn Columbus International Airport in motion. The mouse clicks around different restaurants to demonstrate them popping up with more information.
Interactive terminal map in motion.

Interactive map of nonstop destinations

In collaboration with Where We Fly, we launched a new interactive map that connects you with all 53 nonstop destinations from Columbus airports. When you land on our nonstop flights webpage, be sure to check out the instructions on how to use the map. Please note: on mobile, you will first be taken to list of destinations. To access the map, click the map view in the very bottom right corner of your mobile browser.

    • Turn, swivel, and zoom on the interactive globe to check out all of the destinations. You can even select a specific destination to learn more.

    • Explore your chosen destination by clicking the play button in the pop-up box. You can search through a focused map view to choose tourist attractions. Or, select “see flights” to see which days and times flights operate.

Screenshot of the nonstop flights webpage where it shows a call-out box that explains how the Where We Fly functionality works by turning, swiveling, and zooming on the interactive map.
The nonstop flights page explains how to use the interactive map.

More additions to look out for:

Security wait times

A new feature that might help you plan your travel for the day is our Safety page where the TSA security wait times for the day live. Throughout the day, the webpage will give you an estimated average for wait times in the terminal. It’s important to note that these wait times are estimates, subject to change, and may not be indicative of everyone’s airport experience. And, we still recommend arriving at least 90 minutes prior to departure.

Resources to prepare for an upcoming journey

Does the thought of air travel stress you out? Haven’t traveled in a long time and not sure what to expect anymore? We’ve got you covered. Everything you need from before you go to boarding the plane – find it all on our “Prepare for your flight” webpage.”

Enhanced ADA accessibility

To align with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and federal Section 508 accessibility standards, we’ve implemented a number of practices to ensure that passengers of all abilities can access our content.

    • Alt text on images
    • Captions on videos
    • Accessibility adjustment options (available by clicking on the person icon in the bottom right corner)
    • Color contrast
    • And so much more

Five websites under one roof

One of the largest changes we made was bringing all five of our Columbus Regional Airport Authority websites under one digital roof. In addition to passenger air travel, you can learn more about other entities under our umbrella.

We hope you enjoy the new site and find it easy to access! Questions? Visit our new contact page to share your feedback.

Our website is just one way to access airport information. Make sure you never miss out on important updates or exciting news by subscribing to e-news and following Columbus airports on social media channels.

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