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Introducing our 2022 Employee of the Year

Portrait of Larry Boyer, CRAA 2022 employee of the year.

Meet our 2022 Employee of the Year, Larry Boyer! Larry is a Fleet Technician I at Rickenbacker International Airport, where his coworkers recognize his loyalty, friendship, great work ethic, and hard work every day. Read more about Larry in his words, and the words of his coworkers:

A typical day:

“I arrive around 2:15 p.m. to get ready for the day and joke around with a coworker [Junebug]. I clock in and go see Mr. Bill Burford to find out what tasks I have for the day. Mostly I’m running from our snow removal equipment building to the new fixed-base operations hangar but it varies by the day. When it gets close to time to leave, I talk with our operators and laborers to go over how everyone’s night was”

Who motivates you?

“My dad is a big reason I became a mechanic to begin with. I used to hang around with him and my uncle in our garage growing up. He always took the time to work with me and help me learn the mechanics on everything we’d work on. He even taught me how to do an engine swap on my first car. He has always preached the same thing to me, ‘learn everything.’”

In the words of Larry’s coworkers:

  • Larry views assignments as growth opportunities, and is proactive, productive, and displays excellent teamwork.
  • Larry displays a remarkable conviction to treating all co-workers with respect and fairness. His strong moral character embraces our core values and establishes a great rapport with all departments that work with Fleet Maintenance.
  • With his warm and pleasant disposition, he shares his knowledge with co-workers and is eager to listen to others.
  • His loyalty, great work ethic, and dedication make people feel welcome and respected.
  • By establishing a system for preventative maintenance and with his excellent time management, he exceeded expectations in completing service on needed equipment. His initiative helped Fleet Maintenance provide a higher level of service.

Honorable Mentions

Several other employees were recognized for their dedication and hard work over the past year. Read on to learn more about our honorable mentions:

Cameron Horner Service Desk Technician
Introducing our 2022 Employee of the Year 6

Cameron Horner, Service Desk Technician

In the words of his coworkers: “Cameron is very knowledgeable and helpful, and he proactively follows up on issues to make sure they were solved, ensuring that his customers’ needs were met. Even if he has a ton of other tasks on his plate, he has a way of making you feel like you’re a top priority.”

Favorite parts of the job? “I like how hands-on my job is. We get to work with diverse computer systems and applications due to having multiple business units at CMH and LCK. The peer engagement here is great too! No one day is ever the same; it’s very engaging and unexpected sometimes which is a good thing.”

Gregg Mayberry Program Manager Safety Health
Introducing our 2022 Employee of the Year 7

Gregg Mayberry, Program Manager, Safety & Health

In the words of Gregg’s coworkers: “Gregg handles difficult conversations about safety with a fantastic attitude and utmost respect for others; he’s an active listener and makes people feel welcome. Last year, his efforts attributed to 16 recommended safety solutions being implemented, keeping CRAA safe and compliant.”

In his free time: “I’m an avid ice fisherman and enjoy the quiet and solitude of a frozen lake or farm pond.”

Bill Burford Supervisor Fleet Maintenance
Introducing our 2022 Employee of the Year 8

Bill Burford, Supervisor, Fleet Maintenance

In the words of Bill’s coworkers: “By showing he values honesty, work ethic, loyalty, and respect in himself and his team, Bill is an approachable leader who’s responsive to others’ needs and opinions. He has an opendoor policy so his team feels safe discussing work concerns and new ideas. His commitment and dedication to CRAA’s success is second to none.”

What motivates you?: “I’m motivated by our Fleet crew. I see them give 110% every day and it motivates me to do the same.”

Doug Ramey Supervisor Building Maintenance
Introducing our 2022 Employee of the Year 9

Doug Ramey, Supervisor, Building Maintenance

In the words of Doug’s coworkers: “Whether working long hours in the shop or helping LCK staff unload planes by hand, Doug always steps up to help. He has a positive influence and is trusted and respected. He’s easy to talk with and is open to others’ opinions.”

Doug’s favorite part of the job: “The people — I like meeting people and getting to known them, and that nothing is typical at the airport — every day is different.”

Betsy Taylor Manager Passenger Airline Development
Introducing our 2022 Employee of the Year 10

Betsy Taylor, Manager, Passenger Airline Development

In the words of Betsy’s coworkers: “Thoughtful with her words and approach to work, Betsy realizes what she says and does reflects on CRAA. She looks for creative ways to solve issues, and is a wonderful example of our core values. It’s fun to work with someone who is truly vested in their work.”

Outside of work: “[I enjoy] anything to get away from a screen because I spend so much time on them at work… but sometimes I fail and end up watching TikToks.”

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