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Gaining altitude: CRAA careers reach new heights

Marc Sethna - director of terminal & facilities, Tim Allen - Manager of custodial services, shipping and receiving, and Marcus Elliott - director of parking and ground transportation - CRAA employee portrait collage

You know of their work, now let us introduce you to them by name.

Marc, Tim, and Marcus all play instrumental roles in our daily operations — from keeping the terminal functional and clean to serving airport visitors with parking and ground transportation services. Recently, all three have been recognized for their work, gaining altitude in their positions.

Marc Sethna, Director of Terminal & Facilities

Marc started in 1993 at the Rickenbacker Port Authority in airport operations. In 2003, when the two authorities merged, he came to CMH in the Airfield Maintenance group. Marc then spent many years as our Manager of the Baggage Handling System and then Asset Management Programs. In 2020, Marc was promoted to Senior Manager of Terminal & Facilities and was recently recognized by his team as an exceptional and trusted leader. This past month, he was named as Director of Terminal & Facilities.

Tim Allen, Manager of Custodial Services, Shipping & Receiving

Tim joined CMH in 1999 in Custodial Services and received several promotions to Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and then Manager. Under Tim’s leadership, CMH has received numerous accolades, as well as a GBAC Star accreditation for cleanliness. We are excited to expand Tim’s scope to include leadership of our Shipping & Receiving department.

Marcus Elliott, Director of Parking & Ground Transportation

Marcus was recently named Director of Parking & Ground Transportation overseeing airport parking lots, structures, shuttles, equipment, and other aspects associated with parking facilities. Marcus has been with CRAA for 20 years. His knowledge of our P&GT operations and his leadership of our largest revenue generating function is invaluable.

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