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Food review: National Cheeseburger Day at Eddie George’s Grille 27

BBQ bacon burger and fries

In honor of National Cheeseburger Day and OSU’s so-far-so-good football season, our Communications team visited Eddie George’s Grille 27 to test out some cheeseburgers. Not only is it the perfect spot for a sit-down meal before you board your flight, but it has great views of the airfield. Check it out in Concourse B!

Lindsay’s take: Eddie’s Burger

I was in the mood for a traditional burger so I ordered the Eddie’s Burger which is a standard burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle (singular). It came out quickly with hot fries. My only complaint is that there was just the one lonely little pickle on it (pictured here) and I love me some pickles. But this was easily remedied by the friendly waiter who brought me more – so many in fact that I could have one pickle per bite! There’s nothing trendy or flashy about this burger, but it hit the spot! Especially once extra pickly.

Kati’s take: BBQ Bacon Burger

Who doesn’t love BBQ sauce and bacon together?! Especially with a view of the airfield while snacking. I was feeling a different twist on a burger that day, so the BBQ bacon burger was the perfect choice. While the burger is a good size (definitely enough to have you feeling ready for a nap once you board your flight), the fries are probably my favorite part. Just the perfect temperature, crunchy on the outside but potato-y on the inside. Add some extra BBQ sauce on the side for dipping? *chef’s kiss*

Where should they go next?!

Lindsay and Kati are making their rounds through the airport — want to request a review? Let them know where they should go next.

BBQ Bacon Burger Eddie Georges Grille 27

Eddie’s Burger

BBQ Bacon Burger Eddie Georges Grille 27 1

BBQ Bacon Burger

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