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Seas the day with these sunny destinations

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With spring break only a few short months away, we’re dreaming of the warm sun on our faces, the smell of sea salt in the air, and the feeling of sand between our toes. Grab some inspiration for your next vacation with these sunny destinations, all just a nonstop flight from Columbus:

Orange County, California + Los Angeles, California

Surfing? Check. Sunbathing? Check. Adventure? Check. Orange County has it all. From theme park excitement in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, surf becahes like Huntingon Beach, to Crystal Cove Park in Laguna Beach, you can find something for any member of your family here. Not to mention, it’s a star-studded location.

How to get there: Breeze Airways, twice weekly beginning March 29 (Orange County) and Spirit Airlines, 4-7 times weekly (Los Angeles)

Charleston, South Carolina

Add the east coast to your list with this charming coastal city. According to Explore Charleston, there are tons of options for shopping, arts and culture, spa visits, and golfing after you spend some time at one of the beautiful beaches.

How to get there: Breeze Airways, 2-4 times weekly or Allegiant Airlines (out of Rickenbacker International), twice weekly returning June 8

Houston, Texas

They says everything’s bigger in Texas – what about the beaches? While Houston isn’t exactly considered a coastal city, there are many beaches within a very short drive from downtown that will have you cooling off from the hot Texas sun in no time. Once you’re done taking in the rays, pop over to the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier for rides, carnival games, and souvenir shops.

How to get there: United Airlines, twice daily or Southwest Airlines, once daily

Miami, Florida

Check out “the 305” in all its coastal-metropolis glory this spring. Rent a boat and head out on the ocean, or stay put on the beach. Later in your day, walk to one of the many bars and restaurants that surround Miami, and enjoy the Cuban, Latin American, and Caribbean influences of the city.

How to get there: American Airlines, 1-3 times daily

San Francisco, California

We’re wrapping up our list back on the west coast. While San Francisco is known for its flourishing tech scene, the beaches (like Mile Rock Beach, Ocean Beach, and Baker Beach) boast their own wonder. Hop on a surf board and watch the sunset while floating on the Pacific Ocean, or take in the natural elements that surround you along the coast.

How to get there: United Airlines, once daily


Bonus getaway!

Jacksonville, Florida

If you’re a fan of the east coast, you’ll want to add Jacksonville to your summer vacation list. Check out Little Talbot Island for fives miles of beautiful shoreline, or Big Talbot Island for the wetlands, marshes, bike paths, and secret beaches. Jacksonville also has a wide array of arts, retail, and dining awaiting you.

How to get there: Breeze Airways, twice weekly beginning May 19

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