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Introducing our 2021 Employee of the Year

Jacey Conti, 2021 CRAA employee of the year. Portrait with CMH airfield in the background on cold winter day.

Our 2021 Employee of the Year might look a little familiar if you follow us on social media. Jacey Conti, Airport Operations Coordinator, was recently named Employee of the Year for his dedication to our core values — service, teamwork, innovation, trust and respect. He spends most of his time at Rickenbacker International (LCK) but filled in quite a bit at John Glenn International (CMH) to help the Operations team during a hiring process. Read more about Jacey, then check out the Employee of the Year Honorable Mentions and Employee Awards of Excellence awardees at the bottom of this article!

Meet Jacey

An Ohio State University grad, Jacey loves cooking, Crossfit and snowboarding. Fun fact: his mini Goldendoodle, Leo, has more Instagram followers than he does.


Because of staff vacancies, he helped at both Rickenbacker International (LCK) and John Glenn Columbus International (CMH), bringing a positive attitude wherever he’s working that day. Always willing to step up and help out no matter the situation, Jacey trained several of the new staff members at CMH so that the Airport Operations team could continue to provide the upstanding work they do.


When it comes to his work at LCK, his nominator had this to say, “he’ll jump on the aircraft and move boxes while also completing his normal job duties during the day.” He also completed the required airline safety training, alowing the FBO to load and unload more aircraft more efficiently.


During the runway construction project at LCK, Jacey suggested a way to reduce the construction traffic, saving countless hours of cleaning that would have been needed before reopening the runway.

Trust and Respect

The pandemic’s impact on Airport Operations was made smoother by Jacey’s positive attitude while taking on additional responsibilities to keep all three airports operating smoothly. “The Operations Department would not have been as successful without the work of Jacey.”


Honorable Mentions

Aubrey Bailey, Concessions Specialist

Aubrey brings kindness and a positive attitude to the workplace every day. She’s always friendly, polite and engaged, is considerate of others and genuinely cares about her co-workers. Knowledgeable and frank, she is well-respected and always prepared.

In September, the new rental car center opened after years of planning and preparation. Aubrey played a critical role in transitioning operations to the new facility, serving as a trusted partner to our rental car companies.

Fun fact: She plays trumpet in the Worthington Civic Band.

Aubrey Bailey CRAA
Aubrey Bailey

Josh Burger, Airport Operations Supervisor

Josh is quick, responsive and well-respected. His thoroughness and organization helps the airport stay compliant and efficient. He has been flexible, filling gaps in Operations and working numerous cargo flights when extra help was needed – coming in early, staying late and working on days off to assist the FBO cargo team.

Fun fact: Josh likes baking his own sourdough bread.

Josh Burger CRAA
Josh Burger

Employee Awards of Excellence

Nick Clark, ID/Security Coordinator

Nick has good relationships with our business partners, developing a better understanding of their needs. He makes true connections with colleagues and is an integral part of the LCK ID staff. Conscientious about his work product and impact, Nick makes suggestions on how to improve processes and does his best to limit the number of times a person has to return to the ID Office for a badge. His calm demeanor helps keep the process smooth.

Fun fact: He loves the great outdoors!

Nick Clark CRAA
Nick Clark

Jennifer Adams, Staff Accountant

Jennifer’s core job duties recently switched from accounts payable to accounts receivable. Her knowledge of both has allowed her to contribute and collaborate on more projects. She understands and values the needs and differences of our internal and external customers. She’s well respected at CRAA and coworkers appreciate her approach and help with issues.

Fun fact: Jennifer owns a 1954 MG TF 1500 which she and her husband enjoy driving around and taking to car shows.

Jennifer Adams CRAA
Jennifer Adams

Vicki Miller, Parking & Ground Transportation Operations Manager

Vicki was instrumental in the successful opening of operations of the first electric bus fleet in the State of Ohio, in part thanks to her close work with fleet mechanics to troubleshoot problems and overcome staffing challenges. She recommended using smaller fleet buses to save time and money during peak hours. With a willingness to do what needs to be done, she provides excellent ground transportation services to our community.

Fun fact: She likes trapshooting in the summer and crafting in the winter.

Vicki Miller CRAA
Vicki Miller

Brice Redman, Building Maintenance Supervisor

Brice always steps up to help others with their work to get things done in a timely manner, recognizing the need for equipment to function properly so we can keep things running smoothly. Never out for himself, he makes sure others are recognized for the work they do. He is always encouraging his co-workers to provide quality customer services.

Fun fact: He loves to camp!

Brice Redman CRAA
Brice Redman

Sandra Sweeny, IT Projects Analyst

Tenacious and willing to take on new tasks, Sandra is always helpful and finds ways to accomplish a goal. She consistently steps up to help. Everyone wants Sandra on their team when it comes to tackling issues.

Fun fact: She loves dogs and her chocolate and yellow labs have their own Facebook page, Hot Chocolate and Cool Whip.

Sandra Sweeny CRAA
Sandra Sweeny

Shannon Waters, Human Resources Senior Specialist

Adaptable, transparent and productive, Shannon owns her speech and actions and takes pride in doing her best. She is the epitome of what an HR Specialist should be, collaborative and communicative, and understands the importance of a good partnership between employees and the organization they work for.

Fun fact: Shannon did not like pizza until college.

Shannon Waters CRAA
Shannon Waters

Valarie Williams, Procurement & Business Diversity Senior Specialist

Valarie offers suggestions that improve efficiency and the customer experience. She streamlined a process by using e-signatures on a much-used form, and she worked with Custodial to implement an ADA-compliant sign that redirects passengers when an airport amenity is unavailable for maintenance or cleaning. Valarie manages the ACE camp held every year, allowing diverse students to learn more about careers in aviation, coordinating all of the activities including a panel of CRAA employees, a police K-9 demonstration, a tour and more!

Fun fact: Born and raised in Oakland, California (and a big Raiders fan), in addition to her catering business, My Little Bites of Heaven Catering, Valarie is very active in her church, coordinating events to distribute food, clothes and toys to those in need.

Valarie Williams CRAA
Valarie Williams

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