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Going the extra mile with TSA Cares

Smiling TSA Agent posing in the ticketing area at John Glenn International Airport

Here at CMH, we know that going the extra mile makes a true difference to our passengers. When Vivian traveled recently, she used TSA Cares, a helpline that provides travelers who have disabilities, medical conditions and other special circumstances additional assistance during the security screening process. Upon her arrival, she was met by Kati Cargill, TSA Lead Officer, who made sure Vivian and her service dog made it through the screening process comfortably and found the gate and a quiet place in the gate area to help calm her anxiety.

Kati has been working with the TSA Cares program since it began here at John Glenn International. With a background in the medical field, she felt the program was not only a perfect fit for her, but a great way to serve travelers. “Not all disabilities are visible,” Kati told us, “this program creates a buffer for the passenger to help calm concerns, fears and anxieties they might be facing.”

While being part of the program, Kati has been able to make connections with passengers like Vivian. One instance sticks out to her the most. A passenger who needed a heart transplant had traveled several times with an external medical device. Each time, Kati worked with him and his wife to ensure a smooth screening process. She said the best feeling was seeing him come through post-heart transplant and celebrating that along with him. “I love what I do!”

Thank you to Kati and our TSA Officers who continue to make the screening process and airport experience smooth for our passengers!

To learn more about the TSA Cares program, please visit the website.

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