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Going the extra mile: Danny, Donna and Victoria

Portrait of CRAA staff Danny, Donna and Victoria wearing masks in the CMH terminal building

Here at CMH, we know that going the extra mile makes a true difference for our passengers. When travelers on Air Portugal flight 243 had an unexpected stop in Columbus last month, Danny Adams and Victoria Haycock, both from airport operations, and Donna Wiseman, customer experience, stepped up to the plate.

“Our flight departed Lisbon, Portugal the evening of August 29 headed to Chicago. We eventually were routed to Columbus where the flight was thereby cancelled around 1:00 a.m.,” said Michael P., a passenger on the flight. “Somehow [they] became aware of the situation and started working to help us.”

Throughout the night and much of the following day, Danny, Victoria, Donna and staff from their various departments worked together to offer food, water and blankets, and gather information for the passengers — anything to make their delay more comfortable.

“Their professionalism, kindness, and dedication showed throughout the day. They are a credit to their profession and great ambassadors to your facility. I just want them to know that their help was greatly appreciated.”

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