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Gobble up these safety tips

Holiday travel guide - Do you recall, the most famous safety tips of all?

Our airport staff are here to make your travel experience an enjoyable one. Should you need anything along your journey, reach out to one of our Airport Police Officers or pick up one of the red emergency phones in the terminal to be connected to first responder personnel.

For the lost (items):
Did you lose something in the airport? Have no fear, our Lost and Found department is here to reunite you with your belongings (they have a pretty great track record, if we do say so ourselves). If an item is turned in, our staff will connect with you to figure out a return process. All you need to do is fill out the Lost and Found form on our website with as much detail as possible and we’ll do the rest.

For the dog lover:
You might see our Police K-9s hard at work this holiday season. While they’re super cute (especially in uniform), they’re working hard to keep our airports safe. If you see a Police (or TSA) K-9 working the checkpoints or walking around, please refrain from touching or approaching them. But, don’t worry, we do have dogs that are here for you to interact with! Check out more about Paw Force One.

That’s all the tips we have for you this holiday season! Don’t forget to bookmark our holiday travel guide or send it to your friends. Happy holidays!

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