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First things first: parking

Holiday travel guide. Parking in a winter wonderland graphic banner.

The first thing you’ll probably do at CMH is park in one of our many parking areas. You’ll be off jingling all the way in no time.

In the Red, Green, or Blue lots, you’ll park and grab a shuttle that runs 24/7. Keep your ticket in your vehicle or somewhere safe to make sure you can easily pay and leave when you get back. The shuttles depart from the lots and head for the terminal every 15-18 minutes – just like that, you’ll get dropped off at the airport’s front door. Prices range from $5-10 a day, and the Blue Lot has a covered section.

Pro tip from pilots and flight attendants: Put your vehicle windshield wipers up in case of snow and ice. It’ll be easier to scrape off upon your return if they’re out of the way… and here are more cold weather car care hacks.

Don’t want to hassle with a possible winter weather surprise when you get back? Park in the garage (the top level is uncovered but makes up for it with a great view). There’s long- and short-term parking from $20-30 a day.

Pro tip for electric car drivers: the parking garage and Blue Lot have charging stations.

Feel like walking in a winter wonderland? For $13 a day, the Walking Lot lets you get your steps in before you jet away.

Is your holiday wish to have a cleaned and maintained car when you get home? With Vohnt Car Care, you just park in the garage and while you’re gone, they’ll service your car. It’s magical, just like the North Pole.

Pro tip: Cross something off your to-do list while you’re away with Vohnt Car Care.

Stressing about the checkpoint? Have no fear! We’ve got all the greatest tips in the next post…

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