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CMH loses the “M” for Rivalry Week

John Glenn International Airport terminal art installations at CMH

There is no bigger rivalry than The Game – the annual faceoff between the Buckeyes and that team up north. Yes, things are a little different this year. The big game is in December instead of November, there will be no tailgating or fans in the stands, and the Wolverines’ stats aren’t really making any Buckeyes nervous. But the rivalry remains, and the tradition continues.

To honor the tradition and as a tribute to The Ohio State University, John Glenn International is losing the “M” in CMH. If your game plan includes traveling through CMH this week, be sure to check out our very visible support of the Buckeyes!

If you’re flying soon, help us tackle the pandemic. Head here for tips on making it a healthy experience from the moment you start planning your trip to the moment you return home.

Timeout for trivia

  • The rivalry dates back to 1897 when both Ohio and Michigan claimed the Toledo Strip, a 468-square-mile region of land where the states meet. Michigan wanted to include the strip in its borders, but Ohio resisted. President Andrew Jackson came up with a compromise, and Ohio received the strip and Michigan got the Upper Peninsula, unsettled territory at the time. Obviously, Toledo isn’t what most of us think of when we think of the rivalry, but it might have been when the teams first met in Ann Arbor.
  • This is the teams’ 116th matchup, and Buckeye fans are ready for their ninth win in a row.
  • There have been six ties throughout the rivalry.
  • Between the two programs, they have produced 168 All-Americans, 10 Heisman trophy winners and 79 conference championships.
  • Woody Hayes coined the phrase “That state up north” and “That team up north” so he wouldn’t have to say the M-word.
  • Michigan Stadium, The Big House, is the largest college football stadium in the country; the Horseshoe is the third. (Second largest is Beaver Stadium, home to the Penn State Nittany Lions.)
  • Each year OSU crosses out virtually every “M” on campus, which adds up to a lot of red tape.

Working from above, employees position the X over the M in Columbus. It’s a team effort!

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