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Paw Force One application

We’re looking for volunteers for our Paw Force One program! Paw Force One is a pet therapy program at John Glenn Columbus International Airport. We’re looking for pet owners who are:

  • Energetic, outgoing, and cheerful
  • Have great communication skills
  • Want to use their skills to assist others

Please complete the form below. Applicants will receive a phone call or email from our Volunteer Coordinator within 10 business days of submitting this form. Additional interviews with you and your pet will be required before volunteering begins. Please note: an offer to join the Paw Force One team is contingent upon the successful completion of an FBI fingerprint screening.

Thank you for your interest!

Online application

Paw Force One Application

Personal information

List any other languages other than English that you speak comfortably
In case of emergency, please contact: