Double check before the checkpoint

Plan ahead and pack properly to help ease your travel experience. Be sure to check your carry-on bag and remove any items that are prohibited at the security checkpoint. For more information and to view a list of what you can and cannot bring, visit

Leave firearms at home

It should come as no surprise that firearms are prohibited in carry-on bags. Yet the TSA still discovers them from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s part of a nationwide trend of increasing numbers of firearms being discovered in carry-on luggage.

To help discourage this habit, Columbus City Council passed an ordinance in 2020 recognizing checkpoints as secure areas, so that a person who attempts to bring a weapon through a screening checkpoint may be charged with reckless trespass, a second-degree misdemeanor. The new code also allows for a weapon carried by the trespasser to be seized by law enforcement.

Multiple reminders can be seen and heard throughout the airport, from the moment you enter, to airline ticket counters, and again before you go through security. Don’t end your trip before it even begins. Be sure to double-check before the checkpoint.