Thanks Again® Rewards Program

Easy. Free. Rewarding.

Want to earn more loyalty points when you travel? Become a Thanks Again® Rewards member and watch your points multiply when you shop, dine and park at John Glenn Columbus International, with more than 100 participating airports and thousands of merchants.

Registration is easy and free and points accumulate automatically above and beyond what you’re already earning from other airline or hotel programs. And when it’s time to redeem points, you can choose from an array of reward options including cash back, airline miles, hotel points, TSA Precheck and other airport perks.


Earn points parking

Park at any of John Glenn International's convenient parking options and earn Thanks Again Rewards points.

Shop, dine and earn points

Being hungry or thirsty and liking to shop can pay off for you at CMH when you're a Thanks Again Rewards member. See everywhere you can dine and shop.