New Terminal

John Glenn Columbus International Airport New Terminal & Midfield Development Program

New airport terminals come around once every few generations. 

It was 1958 when Columbus last opened a new passenger terminal. After 60 years of care and expansion, the terminal is beginning to approach the end of its usefulness.

We can always slow down development but it’s much harder to speed it up. New terminals and related development can take over a decade to design, construct and open so planning is underway for a new airport terminal to open when it’s needed.

An independent study is underway that will help to determine a specific timeline.

So much more than a new terminal

While the terminal is the most visible aspect of the program, it’s only one of many projects in the works:

  • Rental car facility – construction begins 2018; to open in 2020
  • New parking garage
  • Space for new hotels and restaurants
  • Utility plant and related utility work
  • Shipping and receiving center
  • Relocation of FAA equipment

Driving economic growth, connecting Ohio with the world

In scope and size, this revolutionary development marks a bold new chapter in Columbus Region’s future. It will fuel economic growth and solidify our position as a key global gateway connecting Ohio with the world.

Strategic opportunities for businesses

As with all airport projects, we’re committed to a diverse mix of companies being involved in the midfield program. Check bid opportunities frequently at Also, contact Kim Burtis in our Office of Contracts Procurement at 614-239-5010 to schedule a marketing visit with the Planning and Engineering Office. This is a great way to meet the team and introduce yourself and your company’s services.

Funding - No local tax money

John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH), run by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, is financially self-sufficient. No local or state tax dollars are used to run the airport and none will be used to fund any part of the midfield development program.

Frequently asked questions

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