Terminal Modernization Program

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The $80 million Port Columbus terminal modernization program is designed to create an exceptional travel experience for our valued customers. The renovated terminal will also position Port Columbus International Airport for future passenger activity and reinforce the airport’s $3.7 billion annual economic impact to the Columbus region.

Phased over several years with no significant impact to operations during construction, the terminal modernization program:

  • Builds upon the functional characteristics of the existing 55-year-old terminal structure to look and operate like new
  • Ensures the functional lifespan of the Port Columbus terminal for at least another 20 years
  • Utilizes energy and environmentally-efficient materials
  • Minimizes financial impact to airline partners by funding the program with capital reserves and Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs), which airlines already collect for airport improvements

More program details including updates, phasing, renderings and bid opportunities are contained on this page.


Terminal Modernization Update

Winter 2015
Renovation is two-thirds finished and on track for an early 2016 completion. Port Columbus greatly appreciates everyone’s patience while we work to enhance your airport experience. 

Major phases including Concourses A and C and their associated checkpoints showcase modernization elements such as terrazzo flooring, enhanced lighting, new ceilings and carpeting, tile wainscoting and new restrooms.

Progress continues in Concourse B with new gates and renovated holdrooms. Two new sets of restrooms, including a family restroom, are open with many added customer conveniences. Frequent American, United and US Airways travelers witness the progression of the various terrazzo flooring and construction phases in Concourse B, which is scheduled for completion summer 2015. By then, two new concessions – Eddie George’s Grille 27 and Bob Evans Express – will be offering additional dining options for Concourse B passengers.

In April work begins on Concourse B security checkpoint, which is part of the major ticket lobby modernization phase. The new ceiling, terrazzo flooring and other finishes in the retail and concession corridor leading to the checkpoint are looking fantastic. In the near future there’ll be a new information/business kiosk near the escalators, and the Port Columbus Gateway to the Arts gallery will be showcasing Columbus region artists again.

In the ticket lobby, our terminal modernization “soul” is highly visible for public view. Demolition aspects proceed as we prepare for new major features such as skylights and massive window walls that will help enhance Port Columbus’ image as a vital gateway to Ohio’s capital city. Lobby work is slated for completion March 2016. Meanwhile, baggage claim renovations will start soon and finish up in November 2015.



Phasing of Renovation & Modernization


Major Elements of Terminal Modernization Program

Concourses A, B & C
  • Completely modernize restrooms
  • Pour new terrazzo flooring and install new carpet
  • Enhance natural lighting
  • Upgrade to LED fixtures
  • Upgrade architectural elements such as soffits & column wraps
  • Centralize self-service retail opportunities
  • Upgrade PA and mechanical systems, such as HVAC
  • Upgrade/replace roofs
  • Upgrade/replace jet bridges
  • Concourse A – Construct a new family restroom and additional concession space
  • Concourse B – Construct additional concession space


Ticket Lobby
  • Expand checkpoint A to 4 lanes
  • Completely modernize restrooms
  • Install new airline ticket counters
  • Install common use airline self-service kiosks
  • Upgrade IT infrastructure
  • Pour new terrazzo flooring
  • Enhance natural lighting
  • Upgrade to LED fixtures
  • Improve way finding by removing visual barriers
  • Upgrade architectural elements such as soffits & column wraps
  • Upgrade PA and mechanical systems, such as HVAC
  • Install new takeaway bag belt
  • Upgrade/replace the roof


Baggage Claim
  • Completely modernize restrooms
  • Enhance natural lighting
  • Upgrade to LED fixtures
  • Increase line-of-sight to improve way finding
  • Install new carpet
  • Upgrade architectural elements such as column wraps
  • Upgrade PA and mechanical systems, such as HVAC


Additional Information

  • If your company is interested in becoming involved with the Terminal Modernization Program, sign up for RSS feeds of bid opportunities.
  • Visit the feedback area to provide comments or ask questions about the Port Columbus Terminal Moderrmization Program.