Concourse B

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Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

Located adjacent to Gate B24, Auntie Anne’s offer their fans Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Almond, Pepperoni, Garlic or Sour Cream and Onion pretzels. Other tempting treats include pretzel stix, pretzel nuggets and the pretzel dog.



This self-serve kiosk from the nation's largest consumer electronics retailer makes sure you're never without your favorite gadgets. The machine stocks cellphone and computer accessories along with digital cameras, portable data storage devices, headphones, travel adapters, electronic chargers and other must-have devices.



Bob Evans Express

Hungry passengers will be tempted to try delicious fare made popular by local restaurateur Bob Evans. Passengers will appreciate the grab-and-go convenience as well as seated dining options.


Capital City Travelmart

Travelmart offers a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, snacks and souvenirs for travelers looking to entertain themselves on their upcoming flight.


Checkpoint Mailers

Passengers have the option of easily mailing home items not permitted on an aircraft. The passenger fills out the required shipping label and billing form, places the item(s) in the provided sealable bag and puts the bag in the drop box. Payment options include cash or credit card.



Port Columbus Bar

Sure, traveling can be a little tiring. Next to Gate B23 you'll find a nice place to relax. Stop by the Port Columbus Bar and take a quick break between flights. Whether you want to relax at the bar or share a delicious appetizer with a friend, you'll feel right at home.



Columbus Marketplace

Operated by Paradies News and Gift Shops, Columbus Marketplace offers a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, snacks and souvenirs. Whether you need to pick up something at the last minute or are just looking to keep yourself occupied on the next flight, find what you need.


Eddie George's Grille 27

A distinct airfield view and a sports lounge atmosphere combine for a dynamic dining experience indicative of this restaurant’s Heisman Trophy winning namesake. Diners can enjoy a menu of appealing appetizers, healthy salads, fresh sandwiches and delicious entrees. 


Massage Bar & Chairs

Massage Bar

Take a deep breath and pause for a 10, 15 or 30-minute healthy break at the all new Massage Bar, located near B23. Designed for travelers on the go, Massage Bar's Massage Therapists can relax your senses with a seated chair massage or give you a lift with a soothing foot massage.





The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beckons travelers to stop and sip their favorite Starbucks blend before boarding their flight. This coffee purveyor selects and roasts the finest beans from Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia/Pacific regions, creating a dedicated following all over the world.


Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express

Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express

Offering both express service and sit-down dining, Wolfgang Puck offers the restaurateur’s elegant, popular dishes in a fast and casual environment. What more could you ask for?