Concourse A

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This self-serve kiosk from the nation's largest consumer electronics retailer makes sure you're never without your favorite gadgets. The machine stocks cellphone and computer accessories along with digital cameras, portable data storage devices, headphones, travel adapters, electronic chargers and other must-have devices.


Checkpoint Mailers

Passengers have the option of easily mailing home items not permitted on an aircraft. The passenger fills out the required shipping label and billing form, places the item(s) in the provided sealable bag and puts the bag in the drop box. Payment options include cash or credit card.

Chili's Too

Chili's Too

With signature appetizers such as nacho chips and salsa, boneless wings and delicious sizzling fajitas, this Chili’s Restaurant and express counter have what you crave.

CNBC News Store

Keep up to date on the latest events with live feeds direct from CNBC and pick up a magazine or two at the same time. Drop by the CNBC News retail location for up-to-date business and financial news.


Donatos Pizza is family-owned and headquartered in Columbus. With its first airport location, this hometown favorite is delighting travelers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beckons travelers to stop and sip their favorite Starbucks blend before boarding their flight. This coffee purveyor selects and roasts the finest beans from Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia/Pacific regions, creating a dedicated following all over the world.

Vino Volo

Passengers will delight in Vino Volo’s famous selection of quality wines available in a flight for tasting or by the glass. The concessionaire also offers a variety of savory and sweet options on its small bites menu.