Airline Contact Information

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Whether you want to make an airline reservation, surf for last-minute deals, learn details about delayed luggage or get answers about special shipping procedures, the airlines themselves can be your best resource. No one knows the business better. Feel free to directly contact your respective carrier using the information provided below.
* Denotes airline code


Air Canada Express (AC*)
Reservations, Baggage Claim & Air Cargo Small Package Service: 888-689-2247

 American image

American/American Eagle (AA*)
Reservations and Air Cargo & Small Package Services: 800-433-7300
Baggage Service: 800-535-5225

 Delta image

Delta/Delta Connection (DL*)
Reservations: 800-221-1212
Baggage Service: 800-325-8224
Air Cargo & Small Package Services: 800-352-2746


Frontier Airlines (F9*)
Reservations: 801-401-9000 

Baggage Service: (303) 390-9067 or

 Southwest imageSouthwest (WN*)
Reservations: 800-435-9792
Baggage Service: (614) 238-7720
Air Cargo & Small Package Services: (614) 238-7723
 Continental image

United/United Express (UA*)
Reservations, Baggage Service, Air Cargo & Small Package Services: 800-241-6522

 Vacation Express

Vacation Express
Reservations: 800-309-4717
Baggage Service (Aviation Advantage): 770-916-0303